Hopper Care

Here are a couple of suggestions that may prolong the life of your auger motor, quiet the stove a bit, and help promote the stoves continued operation on the lower settings.

Every month or so let the stove run until its out of pellets and vacuum out any fines (pellet dust) that remain on the hopper walls. My stove runs out of pellets quite often but some of my customers, especially those who’s stoves have large hoppers, seldom if ever run their stoves until the hopper is empty.

Even if you sift your pellets, you will be surprised how much particulate will accumulate in the hopper.

After the hopper is empty and cleaned use some wax paper and rub it on the walls of the hopper. This will slick it up so the pellets will slide easily down to the auger screw.

Don’t forget to prime the auger if necessary prior to lighting the stove.