Bulletproof Firelighter Recipe

This recipe will provide you with burning pellets as soon as you put a match to them. No more waiting for you gel or chips to light the pellets. No more expensive bottles or bags.

Take any wide mouthed container plastic or glass, fill it 2/3rds. full of pellets. Any wood pellets will work but I prefer a pellet with some hardwood content. Now, fill the container to the top with denatured ethyl alcohol and put the lid on the container. Let the container sit for about 12 hours, turn it over and let sit for another 12 hours. Open the container and drain any excess alcohol back into its original container.

Thats it. Just put the desired amount of firelighter pellets into you clean burnpot, turn on your stove, put a match to the pellets and close the door.

Remember to put the lid on the firelighter pellets before you light the stove. Not only for safety reasons but the alcohol will evaporate if you leave the lid off.

Denatured ethyl alcohol is available anywhere paint supplies are sold.