Envirofire Cleaning

This is an Envirofire 4 FS (freestanding) pelletstove. This job site was accessed through the garage, the stove sits on a bricked area once occupied by a woodstove. My work space is set up on white carpet. First layer is clean cardboard followed by a 6′ x 9′ rug, a narrow rubber backed runner is set infront of the stove and covers the large rug. Several doormat sized carpet scraps are used to work on and move around as needed. The air hose and vacuum hose run out to the garage where the air compressor and vacuum are set up. All cleaning supplies and tools (except the pelletvent brush & poles) are in the toolbox and bucketeer.


Here is a closer look at the stove, notice the uneven coloration of the glass.


With the door now open you can see how the glass is clean in specific areas- thats where the gasket has been allowing air to leak in. The gasket is to small for this stove, the owner installed it himself.


Here’s a look at the inside of the stove.


On each side of this stove are access holes, the cover was loosened, rotated and tightened to get into this ash trap. The vacuum pressure switch and hose are visible and infront of the exhaust fan motor and housing.


The decorative rear firewall plate has been removed for cleaning and paint. The stove door has also been removed for cleaning and gasket replacement.


The left side wall has been removed in this picture. Both the left and right walls need to be removed to do the cleaning properly as ash collected in this area cannot be adequately removed through the access holes alone.


Light now shines through the access holes.


Exhaust fan removed from housing.


Exhaust fan housing.


Thats alot of ash and creosote built up behind the exhaust fan blades that were removed from the fan for cleaning.


The exhaust fan is ready to be put together.


O.K. lets fast forward a bit. The convection fan was blown out along with the convection tubes. The motor was oiled. The pelletvent was swept out and inspected. The back firewall was painted charcoal and the decorative firewall plate was painted brown. The cleaned burnpot was also painted charcoal. the stove body was touched-up, and here’s what the stove looked like when it was done.