How do I maintain a clean fuel pot?(Breckwell)

For the stove to operate at optimum efficiency the burning pellets need proper amounts of oxygen and turbulence. So, along with setting the damper (air inlet control) so you have a bright active flame, you need to make sure the burnpot does not accumulate a clinker (a solid layer of hardened ash) on the burnpot floor and you need to make sure all the holes in the burnpot remain open.
On a daily basis I open the door of our Breckwell P24FS (the same model you have) and using a spoon, I move the burning pellets to one side of the burnpot, and scrape out the clinker underneath. Then I move the pellets to the clean side and remove the clinker on the other side. You’ll need to remove the ceramic log first but even accounting for the log the whole process should take about 30 seconds. You can use some “0000″ steelwool (superfine) to wipe the glass clean also. Remember to make sure the green light is on on the control board after you close the door. No green light- no dropping pellets-no fire. If needed push the black auger button to turn the light back on. Shut the stove off once a week, remove the burnpot, poke clear the holes and shake out any ash underneath the burnpot holes. Use Goldenfire or Bear Mountain Pellets and keep the fire bright and active- more like a forge or blowtouch than a woodstove flame. Call me if the glass soots up black, light brown is normal, black indicates a lazy flame.
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