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I’d really appreciate it if you would take the time and add a comment to this thread. This is the place to let everyone know how long it took to get a response to you asked question and let me know if my answer was helpful. This is also the place to throw out any suggestions that would make this site more useful.

Also, its the place I’d like my customers to review the services provided by Claxton’s Inc. Were you happy with our service? How does our work compare to experiences you’ve had with other companies? Would you recommend us to your friends and family? Anything you want to share with perspective customers?


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  • Lisa Jenson:

    I recently encountered my first jammed auger. As always, Jeff was super helpful on the phone (on a Saturday no less), gave me some tips and directed me to the “help my auger is jammed” section on this website. After much poking, tapping, vacuuming, etc. I discovered 1 single pellet stuck in the hopper, jammed at the top of the auger. At first I could not believe that this single pellet was the problem but after some effort to dislodge it, I immediately noticed that the grinding sound was gone. Thanks again Jeff, love you site.

  • very pleasant guy and a very good job

  • i have had my stove cleaned many times, but untill jeff came over i did not relize all tha really had not been clean thank you jeff for a very exectent job
    and the info. you gave me

  • Bob McGilligan:

    Thank you for the information on your website. I have put it in my favorites. Jeff has been willing to help me out with another prblem other than the pellet stove, and we got that fixed also. A very complete and detailed job cleaning the stove. The first time I was having a problem with the stove, Jeff told me how to fix it over the phone. I am completly satisified with his work and the care he takes.

  • Inez Brooker:

    Met Jeff for the first time this morning. Very personable!

    Jeff is still working on our stove and seems to be doing a really thorough job, more than I realized he would be doing.

    I appreciate his openness and willingness to tell me about the functioning of the stove and ways to make it run better.

    I am sure that I made a good choice in selecting him to come and clean and get my stove ready for the next season’s running.

  • joel crouch:

    Nice job job JEFF OF TAKING OF ARE SPRING CLEANING and the talk was good too. Joel CROUCH

  • Marcie Bushnell:

    Richard and I have been using Jeff’s service for several years. We’re always impressed with his attention to detail (moves hearth decor, furniture, etc) to clear a work area. His new “super” hepa-filter vacuum system is quiet and highly efficient. I was able to complete my computer work without being distracted by loud machinery.

    Would recommend Claxton’s for any pellet stove user. . . we’ll be able to use our stove with a clear conscience this winter!

  • George Humphreys:

    Our pellet stove is about 18 years old. Jeff cleaned it and performed some repairs. It is like new now. We really appreciate his detailed and efficient work. We are 45 miles from Eugene and he arrives on time every time.

    Thanks Jeff, George and Shirley


    Once again Jeff did a great job on our pellet stove. Jeff does a cleaning job like no other. We will feel safe and warm this winter.
    Thanks Jeff,

  • KayMarie:

    We have had our stove cleaned since 2003 and have been very pleased with Jeff’s work. He is professional and very thorough. He’s always been there when we needed him for other problems with the stove as well. He even stopped by on the weekend once when we were having a problem with parts. You couldn’t ask for a nicer person or more professional person to work on your stove. I recommend him to alot of people. My husband and I will continue to call him year after year. Thanks for a GREAT JOB!!!


  • Lauren:

    Jeff has been cleaning my Breckwell stove for many years and I find myself looking forward to his visits because he’s a very nice guy and I feel very comfortable having him in my home. Not only does he do an incredible job in keeping my stove up and running (and clean:)) but if my pellet stove beaks down in the middle of winter on a snowy, icy Saturday (don’t they always?), he always finds a way to get here and fix it so we can stay toasty warm! I’d recommend Jeff to anyone. I also want to say Annegret, his wife, always remembers who I am when I call to make an appointment. That’s unusual today but it’s really nice. Thanks to Jeff and Annegret for keeping us warm (and safe) through the winter.

  • Cindy:

    I’ve had Jeff take care of my pellet stove for the past 2 years, as a widow it is nice to know I can rely on him for the best most reasonalby priced service. He came in early this summer cleaned it & painted it so it looks like new. I started my stove today,Saturday, to take the chill off the house and as a test run for this winter. It wasn’t burning quite right so I called Jeff. He returned my call quickly and was willing to come out even though I live out aways. We talked about the symptoms. He offered a couple of suggestions I could try, I hung up did this, with some success. Called him again and fine tuned it. He is always available by phone and ready to come out if needed. Thank You Jeff

  • Lauradel:

    Jeff has been taking care of my stove since he installed it – it’s been so long, I can’t remember… 10 years? Sounds about right. Anyway, it’s time for my annual Jeff visit, which I and my stove both look forward to – and the added plus is a little chat with Annegret.

    Jeff and Annegret run a dependable business and it’s always a pleasure to do business with them.

  • Shirley Ward:

    My 3yo grandson turned my stove on and I wasn’t aware of it so it plugged my augur, Jeff was here and cleaned it out in no time, I was very impressed .
    When the time came to get the stove cleaned he was the first one I thought of and am I ever glad I did.
    This stove has not been so clean since it was new! What a great job he did and also found some repairs that needed done and completed them on the spot.
    I would recommend him first to everyone.

  • Damon:

    Jeff was great! I had a severe and dangerous problem with my 17 year old pellet stove feeding uncontrollably, and a day after i sent in my description of the problem (over the holidays no less), Jeff had been able to identify the part causing the malfunction. I replaced the part as he suggested, and my stove is running like clockwork. Thanks Jeff!

  • John Schmidt:

    If everyone gave the sort of customer service Jeff gives his customers the world would be a much better place. You would always be able to depend on folks showing up at the time they said they would. You could always be sure the work would be done professionally and right. You would know that the person you hired for a job would go that “extra mile” to be sure you are delighted with the service,

    Jeff has taken care of my stove for the last 5 years. As far as I am concerned no one else will ever touch it! Until last week it had only been routine cleaning and maintenance. But last week my stove broke. Bad. The auger shaft was pointed pff at a 45 degree angle. My stove is not one of the more popular brands. We talked on the phone but neither of us could quite figure out what got bent. Jeff showed up the next day (even though he was very busy with appointments) – with a diagram he found on the interweb (which actually matched the one I had dug up out of the files!) He prodded, poked, used mirrors and magic to look inside and then went “Oh I see”. He waved his hands and commanded “Be well.” It’s worked ever since. Who am I to question his ways.

    Oh and one more thing – if Jeff is coming over clear your calendar for the hour – he is an interesting guy to get to know – and I enjoy our discussions while he works as much as I enjoy the results of his labor.

  • Richard Lambert:

    thanks you so very much for the excellent service and repair

  • leta:

    hey jeff
    been over a year and you showed up bright and cheery was good to see you
    so thankfull to have found you
    lots of living to do now do it lol
    and your so good for my stove

  • Jon Heritage:

    Jeff, This is a reminder that we have made an appointment for the morning of June 8! I tried to find the discount link – but I didn’t see it. I’m happy to give you my business and to tell others of your excellent service! See you soon.
    - Jon

  • Charlotte Thomas:

    I first met Jeff back in 2004 when he was the last number in the phone book I was going to call before I gave up and bought a new stove. He was the only person involved in stove sales or service that told me the stove could be fixed and that is just what he did. I have since moved from that home and had him install another stove in our new residence. I would recommend him to anyone and I do.


  • Ron:

    What a great website. Jeff responded quickly and was straightforward and very helpful. When I have a real problem I will come to him. Thanks again, now i know what a snap disk is.

  • Travis Honea:

    Jeff showed up on time and was very personable. I will recommend him to all my friends and aquaintances! I thought when I had my stove cleaned by another company that they had done a good job. I was WRONG! My stove didn’t start right, my fire was always low and had too many pellets to keep up with the burn. Once Jeff finished his work my stove looked brand new! It burns like the day I bought it and am totally satisfied with the work. I look forward to next years cleaning with CLAXTONS!

  • G Boulton:

    Jeff did a fantastic job cleaning my pellet stove, and obviously loves what he does. I was watching him work thinking it is so rare for someone to take such care to do their job well and thoroughly. The stove looks new and is running better than it did when I moved in. Thanks!

  • jeff claxton:

    Here’s a copy of the most recent Angie’s List report submitted by Julie D:

    I called to have my pellet stove cleaned. Little did I know that what I was really getting was not only an incredibly thorough cleaning (from the top of my chimney to the pellet stove itself), but maintenance on items that needed it.
    Member Comments: This was the best experience I’ve had with a service professional in many, many years. Jeff was scheduled to arrive between 2:00 and 3:00. Because his first job took longer than anticipated, I was called to let me know the new expected time of arrival. He arrived around 2:30, well within the time I had originally expected him. I should say that I am pretty much a pellet stove novice. While I have lived in my home for seven years, I had only occasionally used the stove. In December 2010, my heat pump and furnace died, and I began using it every day. So, the stove had not been cleaned for at least seven years, and I don’t know if the previous owners had attended to the stove prior to my moving in. After a long conversation about my stove and much helpful information about my stove, Jeff began work. He carefully laid a path from my front door to my pellet stove to protect my floors. He also carefully covered all around the pellet stove. Even on my deck where the compressor was placed, Jeff first put down padding for the compressor to be placed on! Okay, I was already a fan, and Jeff had yet to begin the actual cleaning of the stove! Jeff was incredibly thorough. Each part of my stove was cleaned, including parts and places I didn’t know existed. He quickly dealt with potential problems and was not at all perturbed that my stove was installed in a very tight space making cleaning more difficult. What I had thought was going to be done and what was actually done were miles and miles apart. Jeff did so much more than I ever would have anticipated, even topping it all off with some paint to the stove!! Despite the fact that Jeff was cleaning ashes from the stove, he left my house in exactly the same condition as when he arrived. I felt that Jeff treated my pellet stove as though his family would be using it. I had some fear of my pellet stove before he cleaned it, but now I will use it happily and without fear. Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable about pellet stoves, is generous with his knowledge, takes whatever time is needed to do the work correctly, and left me with a stove that looks almost new! If you have a pellet stove, he’s your guy!

  • Jennifer Clark:

    Jeff Claxton is one of the most thorough, friendly and professional people I have had the pleasure of working with. Our pellet stove was cleaned from top to bottom, and he was very informative about how to best operate and care for our stove. We will be relying on it for heat this winter, since last year our electric bills were out of control (we have ceiling heat primarily.) I really appreciated his attention to details like the cleanliness of our house and the touch up to the paint on the stove. He also did some minor repairs and showed me how we could increase the heating efficiency! Just an all-around nice guy and great pellet stove maintenance. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Mark:

    I was having trouble with my whitfield advantage pellet stove not drafting well enough. I had performed my usual cleaning and oiling which consisted of tee clean-out pulled vacuum draft fan remove soot and shop-vac it out as much as possible, even cleaned off the thermal switch from soot along with making sure the draft port nozzle was open. Yet the same issue of shutting off after 30min of a lazy flame no matter how much draft fan I turned in to the adjustment pot. I knew there was a draft issue still and it was this site which I saw the simple way to remove the jam packed ash deposits behind the insulation panels and clean it all out WOW!
    Thanks for your help…

  • Mark DeMonbrun:

    A few days back the pellet supply auger/motor on my rather old Whitfield started sticking. I contacted a local stove dealer but other than put a new motor in it, he wasn’t much help. That’s when I went on-line and found and boy howdy am I glad I did.

    As a retired sheet metal worker with a reasonable amount of HVAC service work in my background I was able to communicate via email to Jeff what my stove was doing. But rather than just saying “Yup, needs a new motor that I can sell you.” Jeff took the time to answer every one of my questions about basic maintenance and cleaning in very easy to understand terms. The Result: A twenty year old Whitfield that’s just purring away. Like the kitty cat sitting on the coffee table about six feet away enjoying it’s warmth once again.

    Business owners like Jeff are a rare breed. Not out just to take a person’s money but rather to build and maintain a strong customer base by going the extra mile to help his customers save all the money they can. A rare breed indeed.

    So no, Jeff did not sell me a part that wasn’t needed just to make a buck. But when I do need a part, I know where I’ll turn. I’m sure that if he doesn’t have it in stock, he’ll know where to find it. And I’m also sure he won’t sell it to me unless it’s absolutely needed. Thanks Jeff. You’re The Best

  • Joseph Hamilton:

    I will tell you what. I have fought with my Whitfield profile 20 stove for a entire year!! I could not figure out what was wrong with this stove. The stove would keep shutting down at all different times. I purchased 2 new high limit discs and installed them. Purchased new fire brick thinking that the old fire brick was bad and setting them off. I bypassed the pressure switch and found out it was not that. I would clean the entire stove at least 6 to 8 times a month. I went to every troubleshooting web site i could find. Then i came across this one. None of them said anything about the relocation of the photo eye. I was actully cleaning the old location before the upgrade. Saw the question that some asked about it and procedded to clean the amber lens. My stove has not missed a beat. Burning like it was new. Jeff THANK YOU so much for this my stress level is back to normal! I will. always come here for your advice on stoves. Again THANK YOU!!!

  • Mary M:

    Thank you so much for your Help – my Augur’s Jammed article! It seemed like my augur wasn’t turning and no pellets were dropping. Google sent me to your web site tonight – and THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It’s cold out and I’m glad that I don’t need to turn on the oil… your article was great and helped me solve my “problem” – well, most of it. I emptied out the full (of course – these things never happen when its half full or even low) hopper of pellets. Before I reached the end of your article, I thought my little angel was incapable / would never go near the stove when mommy wasn’t in the room. I appreciate you saying how many foreign objects, like Duplos and Legos can end up in the hopper. It made me wonder if my sweet little angel child might have actually put something in there. Now I just need a link to a parenting article on how to respond & deal with the child who thought his Matchbox car belonged in the hopper of mommy’s brand-new Harman! I’m so red hot mad at my kid that I don’t need to turn on the stove now! But, glad that the problem is solved. THANK YOU very much – I’ll bookmark this site – just in case.

  • Marjorie L:

    I can’t tell you how delirious I am at having found Jeff and Claxtons repair for my stoves. Not to mention the quick fix that he did on my Thelin stove, but after I paid $1k dollars to Ambassador Pipe to “fix” my Breckwell which has never worked correctly since, he came into my home with professionalism and a can do attitude and then really repaired my stove. He also did an install and cleaning for my son with wonderful results. Save yourself grief from having any other cleaner or repair service and call Jeff first and only. I’ve had several service people over the years and Jeff is by far the best and most reliable there is.

  • Harlan A:

    recently bought a used Breckwell P24 pellet stove. didn’t take me long to discover some issues with an older pellet stove. found one of Jeff’s service stickers on it and called him for help. jeff was exstreamly helpfull in guiding me through my problem (over the phone even!)and had me going in no time. saved me alot of time and money.if you have a pellet stove the only other thing you need is Jeff’s expierence and service skills if you run into “any” kind of problem. I’M a do it yourself kind of guy but I call Jeff when it comes to pellet stoves. I recomend Jeff to anyone who needs this kind of service.Thanx Jeff!

  • Mary M:

    THANK YOU so much, Jeff. Once again your help and expertise, your fast and comprehensive reply saved us from having to turn on the oil. I love my Harman and I owe you HUGE Thanks and praise for your help in keeping it running smoothly – and for helping me troubleshoot and solve my problem with your obvious expertise – before I had to turn on the oil on a coold night. Thank you, Thank you! You are amazing and I wish you were everywhere online. Thanks again!

  • Ed Arolla:

    I just had my 20 year old pellet stove cleaned by a real professional. I always watch what is done, and saw a few things I had never seen or had done before. After Jeff was finished, my stove looked and worked like it did when I first purchased it. I am amazed! Jeff, thank you for your great service today. I will use your service until you decide to retire.

  • Christine M:

    I want to THANK YOU for the advice you have on the vacuum switch. My auger was not turning when I turned the stove on. When I opened the stove side pannels I found a pile of dog food, which meant MOUSE. I downloaded the technicians PDF and followed all the instructions. Found the fan control switch was melted on one side and replaced it,$80. Auger still not working. Bypassed the vacuum switch and the auger worked. Bought a new vacuum switch and installed it… luck. Removed the $170.00 switch and did some more reading but thinking I had a nibbled wire to deal with. My father a retired electrical engineer suggested I rewire the stove. But, first I followed the salesman’s advice and removed the exhaust motor and did a complete 1 1/2 hour cleaning, then cleaned everything else. No luck. Found your site, I had already done everything you suggested except cleaning the flue. My son went out this morning out to do that, He said he must have got about two liters of soot out of there. The stove now works. The vacuum switch will be returned. THANK YOU again…from Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Michelle Houston:

    I was having a problem with sawdust leakage around my auger motor. Jeff sent me the part I needed and went the extra mile to walk me through the repair process on the phone. (I definitely would have paid him to come to my home, however, I live in another state). He went above and beyond to help me diagnose and resolve the problem. Jeff and his wife have been great. I really appreciate all your effort and expertise. You are a real professional and I am so happy with the results.

  • Amy:

    Mr. Claxton is wonderful! Our pellet stove was not dropping pellets. Our other pellet stove guy had gone out of business and my husband found Claxton on-line. We were both amazed at how much advice he freely gives on his website for trouble shooting problems with pellet stoves. We tried all of them for our problem and still could not it get it to light. When we could stand the cold no longer, I gave Mr. Claxton a call. He returned my call right away and fit me in that same day. He doesn’t charge at all for diagnosing the problem, which is unheard of in our experience with any fix-it type businesses. He arrived right on time, got right down to business and spent the next half hour to forty minutes digging in our stove figuring out what the problem was. When he pulled out a screw that had been jammed in the auger (I believe that is what it is called), my husband and I were a bit baffled as to how that happened, but then again when you have two small children, anything is possible. We were grateful for Mr. Claxton’s help. When I asked how much I owed him, he said “I told you I diagnose for free”. Well, needless to say, that was a bit more than diagnosing. What a great man! What a great business! We will definitely be using Claxton’s Inc. for all future pellet stove issues. Thank you! Thank you!

  • Anthony:

    I was having trouble with my Lopi pellet stove going into fault mode saying it needed to be cleaned(lowest green light flashing). After following the instructions to clean various parts of the stove, the problem still persisted. I randomly stumbled upon this site and the bypassing the vacuum switch recommendation. This worked like a charm on my stove. I ordered the new part and my house is warm. Thx

  • leah:

    Jeff is extremely knowledgeable about pellet stoves and was very helpful in finding the problem. He then made sure I understood how to use the stove, and gave me tips on how to clean and prepare my own starter pellets. Really appreciated the timely feedback in the form of phone calls and emails from both him and his wife. Fantastic job – I learned a lot which I love – and I will definitely call on him again. Thank you!

  • Jim Howlett:

    Thanks to your site I saved a lot of time and money. Had trouble with my pellet stove auger not working. Tried suggestion to by-pass vacuum switch it worked.Thank you very much.

  • Bob:

    Thank you, Jeff! I have had Jeff service my pellet stove for about 6 years now. He installed our new one in 2010 and did an amazing job of it. It was yet another reason today that I will use no one else. We woke up this morning and the pellet stove was not working so I went the the troubleshooting guide and still nothing. I emailed Claxtons at about 8:30 and had a response within a 1/2 hr. Jeff gave me some tips on what he would recommend me doing so I followed his direction and still no heat (yes it was one of the coldest nights of the year, last night). Jeff called and asked me how it was going and I told him still no luck. Knowing that this is probably his busiest part of the year and the day before thanksgiving I was expecting something along the lines of I can try to fit you in next week or maybe longer, that is what I was prepared for. When he told me he would stop by tonight because he knew “it was going to be a cold one” I was amazed in his professionalism and dedication to his customers. Jeff you have made a lifetime customer of me and I will recommend anyone that has a stove! Thank you again

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